Saturday, 31 October 2009

Monorail (For Joe) - Nick Hudson

By Joseph Nockles

Mere months after the release of his aching orchestral break-up album, Nick Hudson presents us with ‘Monorail (for Joe)’, an amuse-bouche of things to come. This silken serenade comprised of shamelessly sentimental epigrams marks a shift in Hudson’s life which has found its way firmly into his music. “About your body I’m at my most eloquent”, eh Nick? Lets hope this single’s official release comes with a raunchy B-side showcasing said eloquence. Despite this lunge into love songs, Hudson has by no means annulled his marriage with cynicism, symphony and urban disarray. A haunting two minute refrain proclaims a yearning for urban dystopia characterised by monorails. Whether a love song for a cityscape or a new partner, our mouths are very much watering.

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