Thursday, 19 November 2009

Patrick Wolf

London Palladium

By Joseph Nockles

The crowd parted as I was dragged into the venue on all fours wearing a Vivienne Westwood pinstripe suit and a bondage dog lead. I thought for a second I’d stolen the show – how wrong I was.

Patrick had costume changes including a leather vulture cape, sweaty see-through white trousers (with a black jock-strap underneath, in case you were wondering) and a Fred Butler designed tinsel shoulder piece.

Patrick had German industrial legend, Alec Empire cart his decks on stage and ravage the audience with his trademark aggressive electro and bass lines so bassy that every seat in the house vibrated uncontrollably. He had Kate-Bush-sound-alike, Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine fame) lend vocals to a beautifully Celtic rendition of Bachelor. He had a spinning bloody podium with a beam of light on him, a mirror-ball base and a shit load of glitter!

Patrick had the audience close to tears, with a full string section and a choir adding even more gravitas to the earth shattering The Sun is Often Out. Oh, and he had a ballad about fisting (Check out the opening lyrics to Who Will?).

There was no way I could compete with that.


[Published on on 19/11/09]
N.B. Picture is politely lifted from Pink Paper. Thanks

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