Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rihanna - Good Girl, Gone Bad [Acapella Release]

(Def Jam Records 2009)

By Joe Nockles

Were you excited at the prospect of a between album release from Rihanna? Were you thrilled at the thought of an acapella version of Good Girl, Gone Bad? Perhaps it would elevate the pop princess from merely Chris Brown’s arm candy and occasional upper body work-out to the level of intelligent-lady-who-experiments-with-ideas-breaks-boundaries-and-generally-flies-the-flag-of-credibility-in-pop-music-for-the-whole-world-to-see? Well no. You were wrong.

The best thing about Rihanna’s breakthrough album was the fact that every song sounded great with your twelfth WKD in hand in that club you said you’d never go back to, but you’ve somehow found yourself in, grinding against….oh, wait?! Sorry, I mean the beat. The beat was the best thing about Good Girl, Gone Bad and instead of clever vocal techniques to recreate the backing track (as Disturbia was intended, surely?) they have merely removed a bunch of levels from the recording. A once brilliant (well 61.5%* brilliant) album, now sounds bare and tired.

Move along please. Rihanna’s very sorry.

*NB: Its always good to show your working out....
13 tracks on the album
8 of these are brilliant
Thus the album is 61.5% brilliant

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