Monday, 11 January 2010

Delphic – Acolyte

Released 11th January 2010

by Joe Nockles

Ubiquitous to the point of nausea, Manchester outfit, Delphic have been heralded as the “Sound of 2010” by nearly every critic in the country. Some have gone as far as to label them the pioneers of the new decade. If either of these claims are true, then I’m gonna stock up on Wagner operas and Gregorian chant and cut myself off from popular culture for the next ten years. Luckily, Delphic aren’t pioneers, channelling the Hacienda sound but revamping it with a ravey twist. Delphic are merely proof that the tip lists each January are compiled as much by savvy press officers as they are by lazy journalists. I swear that you could tip off a glorious Avril Lavigne comeback and somehow or other, via the power of the media, it would come about. Acolytes sounds like a hungover Foals playing Klaxons' slower songs on ketamine. At times the melodies are so neurotic they’ve reportedly induced epileptic fits in even the most resilient of Phillip Glass fans. Don’t fall for the press release cut-and-paste reviews. The decade ahead will define its own sound and Delphic certainly aren't it.


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