Friday, 29 January 2010

Short Film: Size 5 (2005)

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“Size 5” is a Scottish movie (written, directed and produced by Norwegian, Joern Utkilen, but undeniably Scottish). It deals with life’s burning issues such as status anxiety, consumer rights and…the size of your balls.

It follows the story of “local Musselburgh hero”, Grahem Howie, as he battles with the trauma of having been sold a size 4 football in disguise as a size 5. Apparently size 4 balls are for kids? We didn’t realise they had sizes – “I’d like a round one, please?”

Highlights include:

Ø Grahem’s sister, her helmet and an orange.

Ø A series of brilliant tantrums.

Ø If you squint, it could be a really odd episode of Balamory.

Ø The shopkeeper sports a hot pink polo neck, headband combo. Timeless chic!

It’s seven minutes of tension, autism and cringe-worthy-fighting-with-a-seatbelt-brilliance. And there’s not a weird blue alien in sight.

The film has a very low profile online, but I've pieced together this much:

Director - Joern Utkilen
Writer - Joern Utkilen
Producer - Joern Utkilen
(Joern Utkilen is a 39 year old Norwegian born film maker, currently based in Dunblane who graduated with a Ba (Hons) in Film and TV from Edinburgh College of Art)

Grahem - Arron Usher
Grahem's Sister - (probably played by) Helen McAlpine
Grahem's "friend" - (either played by) Neil Kent or Martin Radich
Shop Keeper - (probably played by) Katrina Bryan

Enjoy x

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  1. I really enjoyed that. I like quirky shorts, although having said that most of the shorts I've seen are quirky!
    The review isn't too bad either :P