Friday, 12 February 2010

Esben and the Witch #2

So, I was asked to review Esben and the Witch again.
This not only meant that I was reviewing friends of mine (awkward), but that I was reviewing them for the second time in two months (annoying). I do like Esben and the Witch. In fact, I think they're bloody brilliant. But, wouldn't it be boring just to say that again?

I fiddled about with a couple of ideas how to go about it. My favourite was to do a 400 word profile on Dan Copeman. He's really tall and although he has too much facial hair for me, he's a bit dashing. He doesn't wear shoes on stage because he operates lots of machinery with his toes (and he has size 14 feet!!). To top it all off, he's a bloody snappy dresser - yeah, I went there. I said "snappy".

I soon realised that this approach wouldn't fit in with XYZ's style guide so I went for a more playful angle. Enjoy. xoo

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