Thursday, 4 February 2010

These New Puritans

So, this week my husband and I ventured to Audio to see These New Puritans. Audio is a crap venue reminiscent of those in Scarborough. Dank. Underground. Awful sound. It's only redeeming feature is a Baz Luhrnam's "Romeo and Juliet" style fish tank between boy's and girl's loos (amazing).

I reviewed it for XYZ. He chatted about complicated man things with the cleverest and most attractive member of the band outside. I didn't have my usual photographer, I had a small creature who goes by the name of Emmest. She did a marvellous job.

Afterwards, my husband and I went for drinks with a brilliant man who, it transpired, is the photographer who shot David Bowie's 'Pin Ups' album sleeve with Twiggy. It is then that I realised I am becoming less shallow in my old age. I liked him before I found that out. How noble of me.

Oh yeah, here's the review. xoo

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