Thursday, 18 March 2010

CONglamourART presents... 6Music Shutting Down is a Political Game

Adam Buxton has joined the ranks of people protesting against the closure of radio station, BBC 6Music. He's recorded a brilliant take on Bowie's 'Changes' with some pretty frank lyrics.

Note to TV commissioners: Everyone misses The Adam and Joe Show.

My brother - computer games designer, drinker of cheap lager (which he calls 'beer') and, every once in a blue moon, fully functioning adult male - made a pretty astute observation about the whole furore:

You realise that this 6 music closing thing is all a political game right?

BBC know that the Tory Party is going to get in this year and they want to make cuts. They [the Conservatives] want to make cuts to the BBC. So, the BBC is pre-empting this, so they have picked lots of rubbish websites (that were going to get shut down anyway - cos noone has heard of them), a weak radio station and a radio station that the BBC knows has a vocal and activist target market. They know that you and me will phone and compain etc. So the BBC can, in a couple of months time, turn around and say, "We listened to you, and we've decided to keep 6 music up, and invest more into it" and the BBC publically look good. They don't get forced to make cuts under the tories and more people listen to 6 music than before because of all the publicity.

That's all obvious right?
Let's just clarify. This level of intelligent astute observation is a quite a rare occurance. When he read the post below about the trainers, he thought the ones that ripped off Missy Elliot were the ones I thought were ugly. Fool!

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