Thursday, 18 March 2010

CONglamourART presents...Children's TV - The Glory Years?

Owen Kimm, of Elephants fame (reputedly this decades answer to Debbie Gibson), and CONglamourART have been locked in a discussion about "the glory days of kids TV".

Can these presenters actually be responsible for the pinnacle of children's TV or do we just think so because we were there? Send your answers on a stamped addressed envelope to: PO Box.....

Tim Vincent and Anthea Turner
Responsible for a generation of gay kids?

Kirsten O'Brien
Apparently better known as "Bad Teeth O'Brien".

Katy Hill, Konnie Huq and Stuart Miles

Richard Bacon
The nation's favourite coke fiend. PopBitch today quoted him as saying, "Having a meat-based surname can prove problematic". Amazing.

Mark Speight (RIP)
A CONglamourARTist? Certainly a brilliant man who died too young.

Andi Peters
The first black man on telly? Probably for some kids growing up in a monocultured seaside town.

Neil Buchanan
Did he always look this terrifying?

Incidentally, while making this list, it was impossible to ignore how many had gone on to do sexy photo shoots:

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  1. amazing, esp the totally inappropriate sexy shoots at the end.