Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dissapointed by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?

Fair enough. It feels more like a sequel to a Shrek film than a reinterpretation of a literary classic. The CGI acts as a crutch for the film's lack of innovation. The archetypes of the story are under-explained, which would be fine if it were pitched at an adult audience, but the brand of Disney and Pixar humour employed throughout would surely only impress a naive runt.

We all know that the advantage of doing a '10 years later' on a children's story is that you can fuck with it a bit. We didn't want a straight forward hero story. We wanted dispisable heroes and tragic villains.

Positives? Matt Lucas is brilliant and Matt Lucas is brilliant.

CONglamourART was really hoping for a film that strung together hitRECord's Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date - The Zeppelin Zoo and the computer game, American McGee's Alice.

Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date - The Zeppelin Zoo

As far as contemporary film goes, this offering from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's production outfit, hitRECord, demonstrates a far more astute study of Lewis Carrol's brilliance. The language is engaging, taxing and really beautifully amusing. A feature length rendition of this would be bloody hard work but it'd pay off.

American McGee's Alice

So, Alice has spent her teenage years in a padded cell. Wonderland is falling apart and so is her stability. Despite having a fraction of the budget of Burton's Alice, this game manages to be visually gorgeous. It is quite obviously a product of passion and not merely an attempt at bringing in crowds.

NOTE TO TIM BURTON: Don't worry, we still love you. But if there's any way you could chose something a bit more interesting next time. Shock us, why don't you?! Alice was such an obvious choice for you. Let's face it, it has exactly the same storyline as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What you gonna do next? Wizard of Oz?


  1. Johnny Depp as the clockwork robot thing?

    (fingers crossed Scissor Sisters do the soundtrack!)