Monday, 22 March 2010

Doctor Who

This Easter, the new series of Doctor Who hits our screens. It's got a new doctor, a new companion, a new logo and a familiar, but also pretty new Stephen Moffatt. We can safely say, it's new. In fact it's also fresh and cool and now and all those other buzz words that make something seem important and necessary.

Change is great. Change is key to Doctor Who. But it always comes with a sort of buttock clenching moment. It could be aweful. We're pretty sure it'll be great, but it could be aweful. Here's three things that I'll say now, but might not still be saying in a couple of months time:

  • Matt Smith hasn't sold himself.
  • Mark Gattiss shouldn't have been allowed to write the Dalek episode - or any episode for that matter.
  • Stephen Moffatt runs the risk of diluting his genius by taking on the whole series.
Just stuff to muse over. Also, we know it's premiering on Easter Sunday, but when is Easter Sunday? How do we find out? Surely it should be advertised.


  1. 1st: Your good christian future-sister-in-law can inform you that Easter Sunday is April 4th. :D

    2nd: The fact the Matt Smith seems to shout "Geronimo!!!" in all the bleeping trailers has me worried.

    3rd: As long as I'm excused from RTD's appaling "Look he done fall in the gay man's trousers" jokes, I'm going to enjoy the series. It was cool, quirky and interesting the first couple of episodes it happened, but seriously - sexual political agendas are soooo last decade.

  2. What a heteronormative thing to say. x