Friday, 5 March 2010

Eight Legs

I like Eight Legs. I like them a lot, but I had a bloody hassle reviewing them. They're basically just an indie guitar band. And that's basically all I said in my review. Over and Over and Over again with a sort of late drop at the end.

Also, I was dubious about the existance of a barometer of standards at this particular publication, so I decided to fuck about a bit. In the last paragraph, I discuss the band in term of quantum mechanics (my other hobby)...they still posted it.

Things I didn't say:
  • Two quarters of this band are really fucking hot.
  • The same one half of the band have amazing sexual chemistry.
  • One half of that two quarters, so indeed one quarter, might actually be a gay. If there are any developments on this front, CONglamourART might be the only gossipmill that cares. Rest assured, we will run a month long coming-out feature for him
Here's the review: Eight Legs @ 93 Feet East

As with all my XYZ material, it benefits immensely from the, to coin a phrase from the Ilkley Gazette, "image-making" of Liz Chambers.



  1. really good review joe...
    I enjoyed the tortoise bit, he sounds like my perfect man.
    I saw them in Leeds at the elbow rooms a couple of weeks ago, they were ok. xx

  2. That's completely the wrong venue for them isn't it?

    They'd fit in waaay better at the Faversham or Brudenell Social. Elbow rooms has no publicity team and the wrong clientele. How did you find out?