Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First Aid Kit

So I trotted off to the best venue in London, Union Chapel, with a pen and a pad - both went unused - my ipod and my dictaphone. I was reviewing a pair of Swedish sisters, both of whom are far to young to be achieiving the sorts of successes they are, who go by the moniker First Aid Kit. It was a good gig, but it wasn't a great gig. I reckon that's the hardest thing to write about - mediocrity - and for ages I....

I wrote my review in Ground Cafe in Kemp Town. Ground is possibly my favourite cafe in Brighton and my second favourite independent cafe of all time. Interestingly though, I have quite a pure love relationship with Ground. Like a long term partner or a family member, sometimes it can really piss me off>>>

I rapidly grew tired of the middle class soy drinking sociopaths quizzing the [gorgeous] Batista on the sugar levels in absolutely everything they contemplate ramming down their child's throat in case its metabolism fucks up and it learns to think, develops feelings and chews off the umbilical:::::

There's something really pleasant about spending a whole day in a cafe {outside of London}. You see the ebb and the flow. The costumers do simulate waves in extremely slow motion. Later on in the day, costumers would come in and ~ thinking they were doing some great work for the minimum wage bum working [gorgeous] Barista, making his day brighter with small talk ~ say "have you been busy" and bizarrely my day would brighten [Brighton] with the small talk and I'd be tempted to turn to them and say "oh yeah, you should've seen it at half 12. We were fighting them off, weren't we gorgeous Barista?"

:::::chord. In all sincerity, my biggest beef with the clientele that frequent my Ground is people - and I'm sure many of my best friends are guilty of this and I don't write out the possibility of myself one day joining the ranks - who say that a cake looks "deliciously unhealthy". It's not funny. I was there for five hours and i swear this exhibition of post-modern body consciousness was far too fucking frequent.

<<< but I let it off because I know that our relationship runs thicker than that. Ok, so the internet refuses to work on my laptop and a good 60% of the clientele are twats, but the coffee is stunning and there's something about the room that feels - right.

....struggled. Thankfully I eventually pulled it together. I think that building a really tight structure to work around is probably the best way for me to operate from now on. My only concern is that putting words into an extremely controlled framework might make it seem a bit sterile. But, without structure, I would never have been able to create this onion.

Oh yeah, here's my review: First Aid Kit @ Union Chapel


  1. well, you REALLY need to come and spend a day at my own cafe-hole then, for sure you'll reap some serious pearls!