Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gaga / Ok Go / Hot Chip / Gorillaz / Darwin Deez - 2010 is all about amazing music videos

Lady Gaga - Telephone


Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass (Video #1 - Live Brass Band Version)

Unembeddable for these reasons:

Difficulties with EMI

The marching band video sparked much controversy online immediately after its release. Because of deals between the band's label, EMI, and YouTube, the video was not embeddable, frustrating many fans and music industry professionals who wanted to post the video on their blogs, nor was viewable across the globe. The band, led by singer Damian Kulash, explained the label's rationale via the band's blog and through an op-ed piece in the New York Times. According to Kulash, EMI disallowed the embeddable play of the video because they only receive royalties for views on the YouTube site itself. He further pleaded to allow embedding of their next video, citing a 90% drop in viewership when EMI disabled embedding on existing videos, affecting the band's own royalties from viewership.[11][12][13]


But viewable (and very much worth it) here:

Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass (Video #2 - Rude Goldberg Version)

Cool, but a bit tried and tested.

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

Again, unembeddable, but absolutely brilliant. Directed by Peter Serafinowicz. Apparently raising awarenes about cancer. Have any of you heard about cancer? I hear it's pretty big these days.

Watch it here:

ps, I don't think the song is up to much.

Gorillaz - Stylo

Ok, we get it. Royalties are pretty important to artists. I can't think why someone would be so hung up about getting paid for doing their job (really really well). Oh wait...

Once again, dear reader,we are unable to embed this video. It's ridiculously good though. It even manages to make Bruce Willis look cool.


Darwin Deez - Radar Detector

Less gimmick heavy than the others, but really brilliant anyway. Darwin Deez, we salute you.

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