Friday, 5 March 2010

Girls (Frankie and the Heartstrings support)

So, we've met Girls before. Last November, I was singing thier praises RE: thier brilliant video for Lust for Life. It is quite definately a brilliant video and if you missed it first time round, please go there and have a look.

I then got the album, Album. That was really good too. Full of quirks and amazing tunes. It effortlessly earned it's place on the "Best of 2009" lists.

Obviously, I was thrilled when The Music Fix said I could bugger off and review them!

Unfortunately, I had to go on my own.

I've not been to many gigs on my own. When I have, it's always been at festivals when it's a case of: "I'll catch up with you later, friends. I'm gonna go and see this band, but it'll be fine cause everyone there'll be in a lovely mood. It's a festival after all. Can I take that bottle of gin with me? I'd hate to get dehydrated/sober/all of the above."

No. It was more like walking into a room of North London scene kids on your own with more than a thousand paranoias floating around about your personal worth and any ounce of arrogance you can sometimes muster in these situations is gone, because it's raining outside and there's a hole in your winkle pickers and you over dressed to come here so you've got to carry your coat which adds a thousand 'divvy points' to your general appearance - you know it, right?

I often wonder if the review you eventually give a band is at all based on thier performance. It's far more likely that I just impose my mood on them. "When Girls came on stage, they looked like divs with wet socks and red faces after an embarrasing kerfuffle with the bouncers on thier way in. They are well not scene enough for an encore."

Anywho, here's my review: Girls @ London Scala


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