Monday, 22 March 2010

"Sexual Political Agendas Are SOOOOOO Last Decade". Discuss (40)

She calls herself my "good Christian sister-in-law". My husband calls her his "amazing Crowleyan sister-in-law". Both are true of my alright-when-the-moon-isn't-full Children of God cultist sister-in-law.

Earlier today she presented me with the statement above. Sexual Politics are off the agenda, are they? Does 2010 mark the beginning of the queer utopia? Probably not. No.


Well for starters, the BBC thinks that this is worth debating: Should women soldiers fight on the front-line?

For mains, I present Come Dine With Me's Andy Swales from the painstaking York edition of the show. Andy comes served with a side dish of sexism, artlessness and biggotry. Wash him down with a huge pinch of salt? No. Women, pour yourself a pint of stout. Men, make yourself a creamy Baileys. We're going to war!

Ready for something sweet for desert?:


Conclusion. If we stop caring about queer politics, they suddenly become more important than ever before. And as our very Miss Jackie Beat shows. Politics doesn't have to be serious.

But, in fairness to my pleasant and spiritually clouded in enigma sister-in-law, the queer bits in Dr Who were getting really dull. I agree.

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