Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Thomas White - The Maximalist

Everyone's aware of the Six Degrees of Separation theory, right?

Well I take it incredibly seriously, which is why I opted to review Thomas White's album. I didn't have a clue who he was except that he knew, had worked with and would bring me one step closer to Patrick Wolf. Unfortunately, his album wasn't great and I had to say that. Also, it soon transpired that I already had a power of one away from White via a bar maid I all too regularly lust over, in a completely respectful manner at one of Brighton's many watering holes.

Here's the review: Thomas White - The Maximalist

In other news, I've been job hunting. I've found:
  • the more you try, the less qualified you feel and the lower your standards fall.
  • being rejected is less agonising than being ignored.
  • the people who run the canal buses from Warwick Avenue - Camden Lock are looking for staff and, although it isn't exactly the summer I had in mind, I'm beginning to find it really appealing.