Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chapel Club

So, we went to a Chapel Club gig organised by NME radio. Bumped into an old friend. That was nice.

Chapel Club
are pretty cool. They're one of those band names that you keep on bumping into, but can't imagine anything about their music based on their name alone so eventually you have to go see it.

  • The frontman isn't the most attractive member. That's very 2010; very zeitgeist.
  • They recently played a show in Wolverhampton with a faulty guitar. To apologise, they gave free CDs to the audience. Isn't that sweet?
  • Their music is really good. Definitely worth seeing live before you hear them on CD. I'm tempted to compare them to Joy Division, but that comparison has been used for so many bands (Delphic? Really?) that it just builds you up for a fall. Make your own mind up. I linked to their Myspace at the top.

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