Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mini Super Promotions Presents...

So, we trotted off to review a PR showcase at The Good Ship in Kilburn. Unfortunately, it was a folk showcase and I'd recently bitten all my fingernails, so I had nothing to do to entertain myself.

So, I flirted with the drummer of the headline band a bit*. He was really fit and boyish and properly camp - AND a good drummer(?)...I was baffled after the gig when he had his arm around a girl.

Here's the review. There were no pictures of the drummer boy, so I decided instead to leave you with a Georgia O'Keefe painting. She's an artist who is supposedly famed for her paintings of flowers, but I think we all realise that that's actually a vagina.

* At CONglamourART we're well aware that getting sued for defamation after attempting to out someone is incredibly chic right now, but not something that we are quite ready to get involved with.

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