Tuesday, 11 May 2010

CONglamourART Catch-Up

CONglamourART's been pretty quiet of late, which is of course a consequence of me being really busy. So, let's catch-up. You alright? Good.

I've been at Popbitch. Popbitch is quite possibly the most amazing place ever. I'm officially hooked. I'd recommend anyone to sign up for their weekly newsletter if only for nuggets such as these:
An anagram of David Cameron is Adman Divorce. An anagram of Gordon Brown PM is Mr Porn down bog. There are no anagrams of Nick Clegg.
Q - How do you upset Heather Mills?
A - Nick Clegg
An anagram of Mark Owen is Wank More.

I contributed:
  • A list of happy celebrities. I bumped into Dr Christian Jessen the week after this. He said it had made him chuckle. I was pleased. I very rarely intend malice.
  • And one other piece, which will probably make it's way up there soon, comparing the 'Ones to Watch' lists with reality. It's called 'The Best Thing Since The Ting Tings'.

Then I went to Attitude. For those of you not familiar with the gay press, Attitude is the country's best selling gay magazine. It's pretty good too. Their music coverage is brilliant - what other magazine is interested in getting an interview with Philip Glass' prodigy, Nico Muhly

While there I reviewed three albums. One of these was the debut album by a guy called Perfume Genius. It is officially the best album that has ever been recorded and you all need to run out an buy it in June.

I also transcribed two really intelligent interviews - Jake Shears on dissident queer politics and Sheridan Smith on camp. I can't link here, but I'll alert the blog as soon as it is published.

For The Music Fix:

And to conclude my work with XYZ, I reviewed the mighty Efterklang!

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