Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just a bunch of stuffed birds, innit?

So, everyone's talking about Polly Morgan.

Of course they are. In the art world a unique selling point is everything and few can boast one as exciting as....wait for it...TAXIDERMY!

Her work is sometimes unsettling, sometimes amusing, but always respectful.

It brings with it the difficult tension of a normally animated life, frozen in often in unnatural circumstances. The piece above has something of Edgar Allen Poe about it, whereas those currently exhibited in Mayfair, apparently suspended by helium balloons, evoke a wholly more modern spectacle.

The exhibition is unfortunately short, but absolutely unmissable and frankly after the disappointment that was Saatchi's 'Newspeak Pt. 1', it's nice to have something both bitesize and rewarding.

Polly Morgan's Psychopomps is showing at Haunch of Venison (W1S 3ET) until September 25th.

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