Friday, 23 July 2010

Why Do We Reveal Our Faces, Yet Hide Our Bodies?

...asks photographer Ben Hopper in his recent project 'Naked Girls With Masks'.

Here at CONglamourART, we love it when a title is VERY literal.

On a purely superficial level, how cool is this one?!

We can be pretty sure the Guardian won't be forced to write one of those "Is this art or porn?" pieces.
We first saw these exhibited at the mind blowing Act Art 8 event at the Islington Metalworks. We might well have met and congratulated the artist on the night, but a hedonism induced amnesia means that we can't be at all sure.
To set the record straight, we think they're amazing and this final one is now my desktop wallpaper. If we had £95 lying around, we would definitely be emailing Ben directly on

If you do, perhaps that's what you should be doing. Now.

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