Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Advertisers Take Note: Product is Key

As Marc Jacob's appears to have discovered with his new men's fragrance poster campaign.

What have we learnt?
  • Designers aren't necessarily good models.
  • Marc Jacobs' new fragrance, Bang, probably smells a bit gay...
  • ...but not a very metrosexual gay. Probably more like those gays you see in macho-pastiche gay bars with one syllable names with aggressive vowel sounds like 'Hoist', 'Shunt' or 'Walkabout'.
We have learnt a lot about marketing though and we're going to advise that other companies take heed. Christopher Bailey, if you're out there, we demand a new Burberry Beat poster!

nb, campaign was shot by Juegen Teller. We asked Marc if we could do the shoot. He wasn't keen on the idea.