Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tonight we're seeing Gary Numan

Yeah. You heard!
As a result, we've been pulling that face a lot.

Gary Numan is a trained pilot. He is one of the few people ON THE PLANET qualified to train aerobatic flight instructors. He instructs the instructors. Makes John Travolta look a bit silly in comparison; like a middle aged man with an airport in his garden to hide the fact that he hasn't done a good film since 'Look Who's Talking Too'.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just a bunch of stuffed birds, innit?

So, everyone's talking about Polly Morgan.

Of course they are. In the art world a unique selling point is everything and few can boast one as exciting as....wait for it...TAXIDERMY!

Her work is sometimes unsettling, sometimes amusing, but always respectful.

It brings with it the difficult tension of a normally animated life, frozen in often in unnatural circumstances. The piece above has something of Edgar Allen Poe about it, whereas those currently exhibited in Mayfair, apparently suspended by helium balloons, evoke a wholly more modern spectacle.

The exhibition is unfortunately short, but absolutely unmissable and frankly after the disappointment that was Saatchi's 'Newspeak Pt. 1', it's nice to have something both bitesize and rewarding.

Polly Morgan's Psychopomps is showing at Haunch of Venison (W1S 3ET) until September 25th.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Why Do We Reveal Our Faces, Yet Hide Our Bodies?

...asks photographer Ben Hopper in his recent project 'Naked Girls With Masks'.

Here at CONglamourART, we love it when a title is VERY literal.

On a purely superficial level, how cool is this one?!

We can be pretty sure the Guardian won't be forced to write one of those "Is this art or porn?" pieces.
We first saw these exhibited at the mind blowing Act Art 8 event at the Islington Metalworks. We might well have met and congratulated the artist on the night, but a hedonism induced amnesia means that we can't be at all sure.
To set the record straight, we think they're amazing and this final one is now my desktop wallpaper. If we had £95 lying around, we would definitely be emailing Ben directly on

If you do, perhaps that's what you should be doing. Now.

NEWS JUST IN: Alec Empire is a really lovely man

This is an amazing thing that happened:

Alec Empire of the 'game-changing' digital hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot said nice things about a review I wrote (and by extension, about me). It's all pretty life affirming.

This is the review: Atari Teenage Riot - Live Review

It was a phenomenal night and I urge anyone with a ticket to Leeds, Reading or the infinitely more amazing Offset Festival to take advantage of the rare opportunity to see them live.


Friday, 16 July 2010

Adam Lambert Vs Zac Pennington

Who would win in a fight between Adam Lambert and Zac Pennington?
I guess we'll never know. Let's think about it while we read some interviews I did.

Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls interviewed for Music Fix

Adam Lambert of Adam Lambert fame interviewed for Music Fix.

Ps, violence solves nothing (except questions which begin "Who would win in a fight between....")

James McMahon's Last Day

It's James McMahon's last day at the NME today. (That links to a fountain of his polemic) James is basically the last battalion of the old regime of NME - "the rock mag".

He's going on to edit a website for rock and roll fans. Here at CONglamourART, we're not entirely sure what "rock and roll" is. We're told it's what happens if after a musician writes a song, rather than transcribing it to a full orchestral score or synth pop greatness, they just add some drums and a bass line. Crazy.

PopBitch gave him some great coverage yesterday, which McMahon shook off - as one is accustomed after a career with the NME - saying that it only contained two libels. I wonder if he knows that for something to be libellous, it must first be untrue.

Anyway, we're not here to perform any character assassinations. I'm sure he's a nice man. We probably wouldn't have got on, because A) our approaches to music are completely at odds and B) I'm extremely shallow.

We are however a decent organisation and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

Monday, 12 July 2010

A Tale of Two Freebies

This weekend Prince gave away his new album 20Ten free with a national newspaper. Today Frankie & the Heartstrings have given away three songs on the internet.

Guess which we're more excited about:

Monday, 5 July 2010

Let's have a Kylie moment....

To celebrate the release of Kylie Minogue's brilliant new album, Aphrodite, we thought we'd scour the archives a bit. Here's her first ever UK interview. It's from 1988. Now, if anyone remembers 1988, can you please confirm/deny our suspicions that they used to let anyone conduct TV interviews so long as they wore shoulder pads?

Almost makes you glad we've got Jonathan Ross these days. Almost.